Green Thing

Green Thing (2020)
Collaborative work with Duncan Higgins

Green Thing is an ongoing collaborative project - art work, a negotiated creative exchange, between 2 artists, who are also daughter and father; actively engaging in a dialogue about Green Things. ‘Greeness’ is explored in relation to how this manifests and develops symbolically, physically, historically, and within each of our practices. Creating, documenting, performing and sharing exploratory processes: collaboratively producing an evolving, palimpsestic work.

Green Thing pt.1 was exhibited in a socially-distanced manner (i.e. streamed online) at the Pipe Factory, Glasgow, March 2020.

Green Thing pt.2 was created in-residence at 2/42 Studios, in the Pipe Factory, Glasgow as part of their Remote Series: work accumulated daily over the span of one week, created by both Higgins’ (Glasgow and Sheffield), in tandem, but apart. This culminated on Thursday 16th at 19.30-20.30PM (UK) with a live online screening and conversation.

To see the work in full, please follow this link: