Yearning for the Ineffable Feeling Practically Bacchanalian (Hand Job)

Yearning for the Ineffable/Feeling Practically Bacchanalian (Hand Job) (2018)

Digital Prints (x3 104x75cms).
Ancient Greek statue, clay, paint, hand, digital prints.

A hand of a Greek God (Zeus/Poseidon - unknown) in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens (the only image I took was of its hand) obsessively copied thousands of years later; one isolated gesture altered in medium, in time, in quality, a fragmentation of both personal and cultural memory, progressively repeated and warped. A double-entendre of ‘crudeness’.

As the Spankomatic video pans across each hand, suddenly, it might seem as though the hands reach out towards the bum that repeatedly creeps across their fingers.

(Exhibited in False Positives (part 2), Tron Theatre, Glasgow, 2018 - a group show, curated and featuring work by Allegra Salandini, Grace Higgins Brown, Rachel Woodside, and Rebecca Thomson).