Spankomatic 2

Spankomatic 2 (2018)

Kinetic sculpture: 120 x 170cms.
Video: 6m, 22s.
Performance: approx. 15 minutes.

Exhibited as a sculptural installation (sculpture and video) and durational performance in Last Futures, Tramway, Glasgow, 2018.

(Last Futures cur. Sukaina Kubba, Becky Sik, Grace Higgins Brown, Paula Doherty, Rosa Hackett, Ben Duax, Mattie Roberts, Olympia Katsarou, Amy Hendry Hughes, Jaxton Su).

[Massive thank you to the performers: Jess Carnegie, Emma Hislop, and Lily Smith.
In the video: Paula Doherty, Esther Gamsu, Ella Mottram, and Allegra Salandini].

[Massive thank you to Alan Calvert].

[Additional photo credits to Rebecca Thomson, Sam Moeller, and Jens Masimov].