You Can Never Step Into The Same Puddle Twice

“You Can Never Step Into The Same Puddle Twice” (2018)Performance, duration: approx. 20 minutes. Socks, water, calico (3x3 meters), cut aperture.A pair of white socks step into a puddle and soak up a puddle of water slowly over a period of roughly 20 minutes, visible to the viewer due to a gradual discolouration of the socks. Uncanny viscerality is exuded through fragmentation of the body, and elusion to the spilling and interaction of bodily fluids; the 'pure' body of the white socks are progressively invaded and disrupted by a foreign substance. A certain psychoanalytic leaning towards the abject is expressed through the connotations of white socks; cleanliness, innocence, purity, childhood, sweat, exertion. Thus, the work toys with the potentially empowering stance of a woman choosing to publicly associate herself with such abjection, such cyclical disruption of ‘purity’. Frustration felt towards the repetition of such female socio-political repression, oppression, is paralleled with the frustration of the viewer in their inability to see the 'whole picture' of the work; the body is fragmented, the screening area is covered, the full body of information is hidden. The tease of the aperture is almost a peep show; attraction is met with discomfort.
(Exhibited in Triathlon pt. 3 - Run, Barnes Building, Glasgow School of Art, 24-25/01/18 (group show, curated collectively).