Wet 'n Wild

Wet ’n Wild (2017)

Soap, MDF, video projection, porridge, gold leaf, clay, candles, curtains.
Bum soap 13x11x2.5 inches.

A pair of hands massage a life-sized, bum-shaped bar of soap, lathering up to clean themselves on what is usually cleaned. An arse descends on a glob of porridge, imprinting itself like it belongs on the Hollywood walk of fame. A series of works in which cleanliness is re-associated with the unclean; cleaning products and bodily fluids embark on an uncanny relationship, and engagement in horror, humour, and hygiene.

(Exhibited in Freshly Baked Domestic Goddesses, Glasgow Open House Festival, Glasgow, 2017 - first 6 images, and Technical Difficulties, The Art School, Glasgow, 2017 - last 3 images).