Fed and Watered

Fed and Watered (2017)Audio, two-channel video projection, soap, twine, paper, balsa wood, talcum powder, bars of soap: 3x2.5x1 inches (x16), audio and videos on continuous loop. An installation comprised of cast bars of soap, the smell of baby powder, suspended paper screens, panned audio audio of a garden sprinkler, and a two-channel video projection of a disembodied head being repeatedly squirted with liquid, and fragmented head, belly, and arse being stroked, then suddenly all slapped simultaneously. Exploring tongue-in-cheek viscerality and the memory triggers of smell (soap, talcum powder, dampness) and sound. Maternal interference, female responsibility, and the tension of humour and discomfort through repetition.

(Exhibited in To Let: a Collective, a group exhibition at Bogart Street, Glasgow in March 2017).