www.RenaissanceEncounters.com (2016)
Video: 9min, 53s.
Digital posterVelvet, polyester, cotton, cotton wool, paint, various wigs, wool, silk.
The video and print act as a pseudo-advertisement for fictional live cam site www.RenaissanceEncounters.com, which caters to a fetish for women in famous artworks. It’s intended as a satire of the increasingly broad and obscure fetishisation of women, and our growing access and exposure to this, alongside exposure of the historical male gaze within the western art canon. Questioning our often-blind acceptance of such ‘masterpieces’ by drawing an absurd parallel with artists’ models and ‘muses’, and the modern-day live cam girl. The latter performative element of the work – on www.Omegle.com - sees Vermeer's Girl With the Pearl Earring, re-imagined as a live cam girl, here able to gaze back upon her viewers (in this case those on the site at that time), occasionally interacting, in a somewhat confrontational, but overall absurdly uncomfortable set of exchanges.

(Exhibited in ’25% Extra’, Laurieston Arches, Glasgow, June 2016).