Peep (2016)Performance duration: 1 hour.Velvet, polyester, mouth, plastic orthodontic retractors, paper, cotton, curtain:
81 x 51 inches.Documentation of a peep show for a mouth. The piece plays with expectations of sexual anticipation and the power dynamic of performer/viewer. The proximity to the drooling, open mouth is a uncomfortable encounter for both parties, intensified by the anticipatory anxiety experienced prior to the ‘peep-hole’ flap being lifted. The viewer is thrown into position of voyeur without knowing that the performer can look back at them. The traditional tease of the peep show is inverted through the discomfort, even disgust, felt from what is revealed; what looks back is a grotesque image of the mouth held open in a fetishistic grin. The question is whether this gives the performer power over viewers, or simply exudes discomfort felt towards misogynistic elements of the sex/pleasure industry.

(exhibited in ‘One Night Only’, Glasgow School of Art, January 2015)