TV Dinner 3

Tv Dinner #3 (2021)

Tv Dinner is a recurring event screening short video work, work in progress, and footage found on hard drives from a variety of artists.

TV Diner #3 was livestreamed at 7-10PM on Friday 24th SEPTEMBER 2021 and ran online until Monday 27th Sept as part of Glasgow Open House Arts Festival 2021.

"Quality programming featuring a selection of short video work from various artists; a testing ground for new work, forgotten bits, and work-in-progress. A chance to view new video work and gems from the bottom of hard drives from the comfort of your home."

Programmed by Grace Higgins Brown and featuring work by:

Peter Eason Daniels
Esther Gamsu
Bella Geldart
Grace Higgins Brown
Antony Lucchesi
Iain McCall
Danny Pagarani
Aphra Pilkington
Alice Pool
Megan Rudden
Allegra Salandini
Remi Tohno
Leonie Wind & Grace Higgins Brown

(See image 2 for full programme).