False Positives (Part 2)

False Positives (part 2) Tron Theatre, Glasgow, March 2018.
Curated and featuring works by Allegra Salandini, Grace Higgins Brown, Rachel Woodside, and Rebecca Thomson.

False Positives (part 2) was an exhibition of video, sculpture and audio by Allegra Salandini, Grace Higgins Brown, Rachel Woodside, Rebecca Thomson. A collaborative effort to magnify the presence and conversation held in each of our practices:

Ideas of voyeurism and translation are played with as inevitable connotations of the destruction of privacy, and the limits of information-sharing. Questioning these boundaries sees an important inquiry around the ‘spaces in-between’ and how these may hold most significance; how small, specific texts, sounds, smells, sights can trigger fleeting moments, romanticising overlooked relics from everyday life into works art. This all pertains to a dialogue around some kind of gaze, referring to relatively hidden and private transactions to explore how people project their own narratives and the likelihood of falsehood in this, it may be that it is all an artificial gaze.

Works included:

Allegra Salandini:
You have beautiful eyes even when you close them part 1: Seeing Mum, [duration 17minutes]
Part 2: you need to let it flood [duration 3minutes]
(Videos on loop)

Grace Higgins Brown:
(Looped video, servos, water, socks, MDF, pine, steel)
Yearning for the Ineffable/Feeling Practically Bacchanalian (Hand Job)
(Digital prints)

Rachel Woodside:
Centre Stage
Stage Left
Stage Right
(Wood, carpet, paint, anti-slip tape)

Rebecca Thomson:
(Silk viscose satin, wood)
£0.29p to Heaven
(Receipt, frame)

Allegra Salandini, Grace Higgins Brown, Rachel Woodside, and Rebecca Thomson collaboratively.
(Looped collaborative audio soundtrack to exhibition)