Last Futures

Last Futures, Tramway, Glasgow, March 2018.

Curated by Sukaina Kubba, Becky Sik, Grace Higgins Brown, Paula Doherty, Rosa Hackett, Ben Duax, Mattie Roberts, Olympia Katsarou, Amy Hendry Hughes, Jaxton Su.

Last Futures is a collaborative project between Glasgow School of Art, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow University, the BBC Symphony Orchestra, and Tramway Glasgow, culminating in a large exhibition, performance, and evening of art performances at Tramway, Glasgow ( The exhibition sought to question the contemporary political climate of 2018 by contextualising it through comparative progression from the socio-political climate of 1968:

“1968 was a year full of protests, pickets, riots and revolutions emblazoned with a vision of a brighter future. From student protests in Paris to anti-communist uprisings in Poland, campaigns against the Vietnam War, and the heat of the Civil Rights movement, ordinary people demanded change. The era marked a shift in performance, dance, visual art, design, music, architecture and film, in terms of form, approach and the flattening of hierarchies. Social, political and subversive ideas percolating for decades came to the fore.

Reflecting on moments of the present which are the future’s past, Last Futures is a series of events which puts student voices at the forefront of proposing radical alternatives. Can an expanded dialogue around current socio–political, artistic and resistance movements generate new futures?” - Last Futures

Works included by:

Again, Again
Angelina Panagiotopoulou
Amy Henry Hughes
Ashanti Harris
Ben Duax
Fenella Gabrysch
Florine Delasalle
Gabriella Calabrese
Giulia Lazzaro- GSA
Grace Higgins Brown
Isobel O’Donovan
James Oberhelm
Jamie Cooper
Jaxton Su
Jeanne Constantin
Jennifer Cuthill
Jo Morton
Junie Latte
Justin Apperley and Emily Chudnovsky
Kate Frances Lingard and Rebecca Gill
Lene Tassin De Montaigu
Leslie Deere
Liz Gray
M.E. Smit-Dicks
Mabli Godden
Mirian Calvo and Hanan Makki
Nancy Dewhurst
Natalie Lawler
Olympia Katasarou
Paula Doherty
Peter Zeits
Pimpawan Wangamonmit
Rosa Hackett
Sam Moeller
Samuel de Lange
Stephanie Black Daniels and Ed Bruce
Victor Navarro Mirgaya
Zephyr Liddel and Sinead Hargan
Zoe Kirkwood

[Photo credits to Jens Masimov].