False Positives (Part 1)

False Positives (part 1)

Glasgow School of Art, February 2018.

Curated and featuring works by Allegra Salandini, Grace Higgins Brown, Rachel Woodside, and Rebecca Thomson.

False Positives (part 1) presented the beginnings of a collaborative exhibition practice for the artists involved; an initial intertwining of our practices, boosting the presence and conversation held in each. Video, sculpture, sound, and performative elements will be explored and estranged from their original conception, evolving with their application onto each other’s works, and these alternative contexts. Conversations around the exhibition centred on ideas of translation, and voyeurism, pertaining to a dialogue around some kind of gaze, referring to relatively hidden and private transactions to explore how people project their own narratives and the likelihood of falsehood in this, it may be that it is all an artificial gaze. Yet, we are all women, and whether or not this gaze is artificial, it is a real experience for us, and one which we wish to project onto viewers, initiating a collective experience through the viscera implicated within the engagements between our practices.

The ineffability of falseness and positivity directs a tangibility between the practices of each of the artists involved; acknowledging the voyeurism of the art world, of the world at large, and our complicity in this. Acknowledging the body as factory, the animal gaze as satisfactory, everyday production as venerated, the art world as factory-line.

Works included:

White Space

Grace Higgins-Brown Spankomatic performance (5.30-5.45pm)
Grace Higgins-Brown Spankomatic audioRebecca Thomson Pure HoneyRachel Woodside PROMPTPerformance SpaceAllegra Salandini You Have Beautiful Eyes, Even When You Close ThemRachel Woodside STAGE FRIGHT (performance 5, 6, & 7pm)