Technical Difficulties

Technical Difficulties Curated and featuring works by Grace Higgins Brown, Caitlin Higgins, and Mark Lennon.

The Art School, May 2017. Triumphing the turd in the plaza and toiletry rumination. After all, if a jobbie's worth doing, it's worth doing well.

All works existed in an absurd dichotomy around bathroom activities, toilet culture, and formal sculptural composition, resulting in a humorous and strangely scented exhibition.

Works included:

Jobbie (2016) by Grace Higgins Brown and Mark Lennon:Paper pulp, poo-brown paint, camo, video.

Silly Hillybilly (2016)by Grace Higgins Brown and Mark Lennon:
Digital prints, frames, gold leaf, paper pulp, poo-brown paint, camo.

Tweedal Dumb & Tweedal Dee (2016) by Caitlin Higgins:
Steel, Sandpaper, MDF.

Squat (2016) by Caitlin Higgins:
Wood, Metal, Bath Mat, Paint.

Wet ’n Wild by Grace Higgins Brown (2016):
Soap, urine.

Wet ’n Wild by Grace Higgins Brown (2016):
Soap, wood, projection.