Freshly Baked Domestic Goddesses

Freshly Baked Domestic Goddesses (Open House Festival April 2017)
An exhibition of works created and curated by Allegra Salindini, Caitlin Higgins, Grace Higgins Brown, and Pea Doherty.Aiming to create a space for a dialogue around domesticity and the rituals of the home, we want to question stereotypical notions of ‘craft’, and the position of women amongst such typecasting. As artists that all utilise ‘everyday’, recognisable objects and rituals within their work we see a rife of possibility within the home as a traditional setting that encompasses and encourages conversation, creation, and consumption. Thus it is a marked invitation for participation; an intrinsic catalyst for collectivity. We are thinking about how we can combine and compare the processes of ceramics and food-making, make visible the actions normally kept behind closed doors; seeing domesticity not necessarily as a wholesome notion. To open your door to the public could therefore be somewhat of a political act; to share your daily habits, routines, and shed your privacy, all of which will be exploited through a collection of exhibited works, and a general participatory open-door policy.It’s been said that we’re domestic goddesses, but does that work for, or against us as women in the art world, let alone in the world at large?Works included:

Figs (2016) by Allegra Salandini
Venetian Blinds (2016) by Allegra Salandini (acrylic)

Roll (2016) by Caitlin Higgins (metal, polyester)
Stool (2016) by Caitlin Higgins (metal, jesmonite, pigment, video, newspaper)

Fed and Watered II, and Wet ’n Wild (looped together) (2016) by Grace Higgins Brown
Wet ’n Wild (2016) by Grace Higgins Brown (video: 6m, 54s in total), curtains.
Wet ’n Wild (2016) (porridge, gold leaf, soap, wood, paper, water, and durational weaving throughout weekend) by Grace Higgins Brown

Have Your Cake and Eat It (2014) by Pea Doherty (video, cake)
Knead Your Jam (2016) by Pea Doherty (berries, bathtub, participatory performance)
Runcible Vessels (2016) by Pea Doherty (clay, driftwood, wire)

C-mon Baby Light My Fire (2016) by Pea Doherty and Grace Higgins Brown (clay, gold leaf, pigment, candles)
Freshly Baked Domestic Goddesses (Artificial scent throughout space)(2016) by all artists.

Food made by the artists was served throughout; fish pasta hung from the laundry rack, and the smell of freshly baked cakes misled with the artificial scent of freshly bake bread wafting throughout.