Artist from Sheffield based in Glasgow.

Notions of ‘the bodily’, corporeal questioning and vicarious disgust; how ideas and ideals of representing affect the art, viewer and the represented. Engaging in a kind of “visceral empathy”; corporeal, visceral sensation in relation to revulsion, and ridicule, seen as a key universally shared experience as useful in a dialogue around how ‘spaces in-between’ might hold most significance, how specific fleeting moments can be triggered, and warped by cultural memory and artistic depiction/documentation. Corroborated through the ‘abject-grotesque’ - as key cultural icebreaker, universal boundary-breaker, gesture-maker, and taboo - the work is situated within an inquiry as to how this can be utilised, often through satirical means, to produce collective sensation (possibly productive in a wider corporeal sense).

The work explores the potential for discomfort, humour, and disgust in a satirical engagement in socio-political dialogues, particularly in relationship to female empowerment, all framed in the historical narrative expectation of the viewer, engaging and contesting the questions around how documentation and memory affects narrative themes.


Curriculum Vitae